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When deciding whether to buy a desktop or laptop or tablet, think about what you want to do with the computer.


If you want to use it for general use (e.g. email, Internet browsing, some office work), and you know you will need to use it in different places, or different people will be using it, then a laptop is probably better.

You will also most likely need wireless internet so you can use your laptop around your office or home.


If you work in a single location, or if want to do serious work, particularly with lots of typing or requiring fine mouse control (e.g. for design), or very high quality graphics are needed (e.g. for gaming), then a desktop is probably better.

If you need to have many applications open at the same time, a desktop can also output to two or more screens.


A tablet computer is usually smaller than a laptop and it has a touch sensitive screen.

Many tablets have detachable keyboards.

Tablets often have a long battery life and are usually much lighter than laptops.

Tablet computers often have fewer connection holes than a laptop or desktop.


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